Risico’s bij gebruik van elektrische instrumenten op tanden!


The EDAA does not support the use of non water-cooled powered dental tools:

  • The incorrect use of powered dental tools creates heat which can cause irreversible damage to the horse’s teeth
  • Sedation is usually required which can only be administered by a registered veterinarian
  • Sedation is rarely required with the use of hand files
  • Traditional hand files are very precise to use and a qualified dentist can tell exactly how much tooth is being removed
  • Powered dental tools are less accurate. The cutting heads are bulky making them particularly difficult to use in the limited space between the cheek and upper molars
  • There are still major concerns with the use of powered dental tools with respect to horse welfare and damage to the teeth from heating of the dental pulp

Please see the links below for in-depth information on the risks to your horse from using power tools in Equine Dentistry.

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